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They’re cute is all


I refuse to get sick this october, god dammit.

7. Your favorite ships? OTP?

Mymble and Joxter is nice, and I think Sniff and Little My would be fun and/or funny as a couple.

(And Piffin and Pillow? xD)

More questions for Moomin fans
1. How were you introduced to the Moomins?
2. Who are your most favorite characters? Why do you like them?
3. Which character can you relate to the most? Why?
4. Your favorite book in the series?
5. Your favorite comic book storyline?
6. Your favorite quote?
7. Your favorite ships? OTP?
8. Do you have any headcanons? Share one.
9. One thing you wish happened in canon.
10. Have you ever read Tove Jansson's other novels?
11. Your favorite episode/s from the 90's cartoon?
12. Have you ever seen any other adaptations? What did you think?
13. Do you own any merchandise? Post a picture!
14. Is there any merch you wish you had?
15. Have you ever visited a Moomin or Tove Jansson-related location or event?


asexual and aromantic visibility is So Important because I’ve never seen a single aro/ace self-discovery story that didn’t include some variation of the phrase “I thought I was broken.” 


asexual people are so cool because they can use the term “ace” when referring to themselves??? ace is such a rad word??? stay cool my ace pals

Oh, nice.

My asexuality post has a bunch of notes now.

This is a good thing.

I wish I could be a more vocal advocate of asexual rights and awareness, but nobody ever reblogs my asexuality posts, haha…

People who get angry at asexuals who are attractive because they can’t have sex with them are ridiculous.

You don’t get angry at art galleries for displaying Renaissance art but saying you aren’t allowed to touch it. No, because you respect the fact that they are precious.

People are precious, why can’t you afford them the same respect?

Most of those posts that include the phrase ‘this is the world we live in’ really bug me because no.

That is not the world we live in. That is the US that you live in. It’s messed up, sure, but there are countries out there where that kind of awful stuff doesn’t happen.


john greens whole “date nerd boys” thing isnt just annoying its incredibly fucked up and unsafe the presentation of “nerd boys” as kind, intelligent boys who would never hurt you is something that abusers have latched onto and presented themselves as and i really fucking wish that someone had told me that before i had to figure it out for myself.


when you meet some1 new and are trying to find mutual interests